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Create your own merch with Bonfire

    Create Merch with Bonfire

    What is Bonfire Merch?

    Bonfire Merch is an innovative way for content creators to make money and share their branding with the world. It’s a platform that allows you to upload your artwork and create custom merchandise—like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and tote bags—with no upfront cost. The best part? Bonfire Merch doesn’t charge any fees for services—you keep all of the profits after printing costs are covered. So you can earn money without having to worry about production costs or minimum orders.

    Bonfire Merch makes it easy for anyone to turn their designs into a money-making business. Just upload your artwork, set a profit margin, pick from the selection of quality products, and promote your designs on social media or with email campaigns. Once someone buys one of your products, Bonfire Merch will print it and ship it directly to the customer. You get paid monthly via PayPal for every item sold! 

    How to create a merch store?

    Setting up a custom online merch store from scratch can be a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. It requires countless hours of work, including acquiring a domain name, setting up hosting, integrating plugins, and managing logistics and fulfillment. It’s no small feat and often requires dedicated personnel to handle all the details.

    However, with Bonfire, the process becomes incredibly simplified. Within minutes, you can create your own merch store without the hassle. All you need is a few product ideas, some high-quality images of your designs, and a good description of each item. The intuitive dashboard allows you to customize colors, add your logo, and showcase your products. The Bonfire merch store serves as the central hub where you can showcase multiple campaigns, making it easy for your audience to discover and purchase your merchandise. 

    How to run campaigns on Bonfire?

    Now that you know what kind of merchandise is available through Bonfire, it’s time to learn how to set up a campaign and start selling your own products. Fortunately for aspiring entrepreneurs, setting up a campaign on Bonfire is a relatively simple process. Here’s the breakdown:

    Design your product

    Use Bonfire’s powerful design tool to create your custom product. Upload your artwork, add text, and choose from a range of free graphics to bring your vision to life.

    Launch your campaign

    Campaigns are designed to sell continuously. Select the products you want to sell, set the prices, and choose your batch time frame. Whether you prefer short 2-21 day batches or the convenience of Print on Demand, you have the flexibility to decide. Once everything is set, simply launch your campaign.

    Promote & sell

    Share your campaign with your community, friends, and supporters. Spread the word about your merch and encourage people to purchase them. As an added bonus, supporters can even leave a donation or tip if you enable fundraising features, giving you an extra boost.


    Once your batch ends successfully, whether it’s within the chosen time frame or the next business day for Print on Demand, Bonfire takes care of printing and shipping the products directly to your buyers. 

    Get paid

    After each successful batch, you receive a fast payout of the profits. The more you sell in a batch, the higher your profit margins will be. 

    Tips for Creating Appealing Designs

    As a content creator, it’s important to create designs that will appeal to your followers and customers. If you’re going to be selling your merch on Bonfire, you’ll want to make sure your designs are eye-catching and professional looking. Here are some tips for creating appealing designs that will help you make more money:

    Use colors that match your branding

    You want your merch to represent your brand, so use colors that match your brand. This can help create a cohesive design and generate more sales for you.

    Keep it simple

    Don’t go overboard with too many colors or overly complex designs. You want something that is easy to read and recognizable when people look at it.

    Stay consistent

    Keep the same font styles and colors throughout all of your merch pieces; this will make sure customers recognize your brand when they see it.

    How to promote and sell Merch?

    Promoting and selling your merch is key to the success of your business strategy, and you have various avenues to explore. One of the first considerations is determining where you should focus your promotion efforts. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook can be great starting points, especially if you already have an active following there. Additionally, creating a dedicated website or blog solely for selling your merch is another effective option. Regardless of the avenue you choose, it’s crucial to provide easy access for customers to find and purchase your products. Always include a link back to your Bonfire store page in your promotional efforts. Remind your fans about your merch and make it convenient for them to explore and buy. If you find yourself dealing with multiple links and clutter, you might want to consider using a link-in-bio tool like Linktree, which can streamline the process for your audience. Don’t forget to check out my ultimate guide on Linktree for more insights.

    How much to charge for t-shirts?

    When it comes to pricing your t-shirts, you want to make sure it’s not too high, but also not too low. You’ll want to attract customers and cover the cost of creating the product, which includes the cost of production, shipping, taxes, and additional fees. You can adjust the pricing for items based on the audience, or you can stick to default prices on Bonfire, wich are quite reasonable. 

    Buy products with Supply

    Buying your own products at a base price with Supply order will allow you to distribute merchandise locally at an event or  you can use it to get a branded company clothing, a uniform for your organization. Once the products arrive , you will have a full control over the merch.

    Wrap up

    Launching a Bonfire store is a great way to get started selling merch and start making money online. If you’re creating content, offering merch is the perfect way to turn your followers into passionate brand ambassadors. Bonfire provides all the tools you need to create and market unique, high-quality products easily, quickly and cost effectively.

    With Bonfire, you can create custom merch and start selling shirts, hoodies and more in minutes. Bonfire’s customization tools, automated sale tracking and promotional campaigns make it easy to create, market and sell merch. With Bonfire, you’ll have a complete marketing, branding and merch platform at your fingertips.