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Best AI Video Editing Software Tools

    AI Video editing tools

    AI tools are revolutionizing the world of video editing, enabling content creators to produce high-quality content at scale. Whether you’re a professional editor or an amateur enthusiast, there are plenty of AI video editors available today that can help you take your content to the next level.

    In this article, we will look at 7 of the best AI video editors for content creators in 2023.

    How is AI being used in Video Editing Process?

    AI-powered video editing tools can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to make a professional-quality video. By offering automated features such as face recognition, object tracking, scene detection, audio mixing, and more, AI video editors help users create videos quickly and easily.

    🙈 Object tracking & Face recognition

    AI-powered video editors provide a huge range of features, from basic editing tools to advanced effects and filters. Automated features such as facial recognition can help you quickly identify important people in your footage, and smart object tracking can help you keep up with moving subject matter. AI video editors can also automatically detect scenes in your footage, allowing you to quickly switch between them and create a more dynamic video.

    🎹 Audio mixing

    Another great feature of AI video editors is their ability to automate audio mixing. By detecting certain characteristics such as loudness, pitch, and timing, AI video makers can mix various soundtracks together for a professional-sounding result.

    ✍🏻 Video transcription

    Video transcription will become easier, enabling filmmakers to quickly create subtitles and captions in a variety of languages. Additionally, AI video editors can recognize subtleties in body language and facial expressions that would normally be difficult or impossible for humans to detect. This could lead to improvements such as improved lip-syncing when dubbing dialogue in ai videos or creating realistic virtual actors from limited footage. AI video editors are already being used by major broadcasters and production companies, and as the technology continues to mature it is likely that more filmmakers will embrace this powerful tool.

    🎥 Video summarizing

    AI video summarizing features make it easy to get the gist of longer videos without having to watch them in their entirety. These tools can quickly analyze a video’s contents, and then generate an accurate summary with key points and crucial scenes highlighted. This is great for creating highlight reels or catching up on lectures or educational materials quickly.

    With all these features at your disposal, you can create stunning videos in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually. AI video editors are perfect for social media content creators who want to turn around high quality videos quickly and easily. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to up your video editing game, be sure to check out one of the AI-powered video editors. You’ll be glad you did!


    8 Best AI Video Editing Software Tools for Content Creators

    We will start with Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a powerful video editing software that incorporates AI. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top 8 AI video editors that can help you step up your video game.

    Adobe: A Video Editing Giant

    Adobe Sensai Ai

    Adobe is a household name in the creative industry and it comes as no surprise that their video editing offerings also implement AI technology. Adobe Premiere Pro is packed with AI-powered features like Auto Reframe, which automatically crops and resizes videos for various aspect ratios, and Speech-to-Text, which creates transcriptions and captions using Adobe Sensei, their AI framework.

    Adobe Sensei AI can recognize objects and scenes in a video clip and suggest edits accordingly. For instance, if you have an interview clip with two people talking, Sensei can automatically create separate audio channels for each person to make post-production easier and faster. Other features include automatic color balancing, sound mixing, face recognition, and more.

    In addition to Premiere Pro, Adobe offers Adobe Rush, a simpler, more user-friendly video editor with AI capabilities. It’s a perfect fit for video editors who are looking for a quick and efficient solution without sacrificing quality.


    • Free: 7-day free trial
    • Creative Cloud All Apps: 54.99$ per/month
    • Adobe Premiere Pro: 20.99$ per/month

    Students and teachers: 19.99$

    Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud pricing

    Key features:

    • Automated audio channel creation for spoken dialogue
    • Automatic color balancing and sound mixing
    • Face recognition capabilities
    • Background noise reduction
    • Automatic AI reframing for every social media channel

    Pictory: AI-driven Video Summarization

    Pictory ai video editing tool

    Pictory is an AI-driven video summarization tool that allows you to create short, engaging videos from your existing longer-form content. It’s as simple as uploading your video, choosing a summary length, and letting Pictory’s AI engine select the most relevant moments to be included in your final edit.

    Content creators looking to repurpose their long videos from Youtube or webinars for shorter, attention-grabbing content on platforms like TikTok or Instagram will find Pictory extremely useful in saving time and effort when creating videos.


    • Free: Free Trial allows to make 3 videos, each up to 10 minutes long
    • Standard: $19 per/month
    • Premium: $39 per/month
    • Enterprise: custom
    Pictory video editing tool pricing

    Key features:

    • AI-driven video summarization & repurposing
    • Turn scripts into sales videos
    • Generates short, engaging videos ready to be shared on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram
    • Add automatic captions(85% of social media videos are watched on mute)
    • Intuitive user interface, drag and drop
    • Export as a single video file or images for easy sharing
    • Shareable links for straightforward publishing on social media channels.

    Synthesia: AI-generated Videos with Avatars

    Synthesia AI video tool

    Synthesia specializes in creating personalized AI-generated videos. By inputting a script and choosing an avatar, Synthesia will generate a video where the avatar speaks your script, complete with realistic lip-sync and facial expressions. This is a fascinating technology for Youtube and Twitch creators looking to create explainer videos, ads, or any content featuring virtual characters with minimal effort.

    With an ever-growing library of avatars and the ability to create your own custom avatars, the creative possibilities with Synthesia are abundant.


    • Free: 1 free video
    • Personal: 22.5$ per/month
    • Enterprise: custom

    Save 25% with yearly billing

    Synthesia AI video tool pricing

    Key features:

    • Create realistic AI-generated videos with lip sync and facial expressions
    • Choose from an ever-growing library of avatars, or create your own custom avatar
    • Generate professional explainer videos, ads, and other content with minimal effort
    • Accessible via web or mobile app for easy video creation on the go.
    • Voice cloning
    • Library of 120+ languages and accents
    • Intutive interface

    Used by 50,000+ companies of all sizes (Amazon, Accenture, BBC)

    1. Descript: Edit Audio & Video by Editing Text
    Descript ai video and audio edting tool

    Descript enables content creators to edit their videos and audio files in a revolutionary way – by editing the text. After uploading your file, Descript’s AI technology generates a transcript of your audio, allowing you to edit your video or audio by simply editing the text in the transcript.

    In addition to this innovative editing experience, Descript also offers features like automatic transcription, automated subtitles, and even voice cloning with its Overdub feature.


    • Free: 1hr per/month
    • Creator: 12$ per/month
    • Pro: 24$ per/month
    • Enterprise: custom
    Descript ai video and audio edting tool pricing

    Key features:

    • Automatically generate transcripts of audio and video files
    • Edit the text to effortlessly edit your files Automated subtitles for easy captioning
    • Voice cloning with its Overdub feature for realistic vocal recordings.
    • Integration with other popular tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Audition, and Logic Pro
    • Filler word removal

    Muse.ai: Intelligent All-in-One Video Platform

    muse ai features

    Muse.ai is primarily a video hosting service, but it has several AI-powered features that are incredibly valuable for content creators. The platform offers advanced search capabilities, allowing your viewers to search within your hosted videos by keywords. Other AI features include automatic thumbnail generation, content-based video recommendations to keep your audience engaged, and automated tag suggestions for better video organization.

    Muse AI’s hosting capabilities provide educational platforms, events, and conferences with an array of benefits, including seamless virtual hosting, interactive sessions, personalized learning experiences, advanced analytics, automation, scalability, accessibility, and intelligent content recommendations.

    The platform’s AI algorithms can help to edit down long videos to highlight the best parts, and even rearrange sections for a more compelling story. With this tool, you can quickly and easily create engaging content in just minutes. It also has a built-in music library, giving you the perfect soundtrack for any video. Finally, with its auto-captioning feature, you can ensure that your videos are accessible to all viewers.


    • Free: 14-day trial
    • Visionary: 5$ per/month
    • Venture: 20$ per/month
    • Enterprise: custom

    Save 50% with yearly billing

    muse ai pricing

    Key features:

    • Video and audio hosting
    • Content-based recommendations
    • Powerful video player with auto-generated subtitles for accessibility
    • AI index and video search for words, people, objects, text, sounds, actions, and more
    • Automated labeling and tagging of objects by AI
    • Auto transcription for podcasts, interviews, long format videos
    • Advanced collabortion

    Lumen5: Turn Articles into Videos

    lumen5 ai video editing tool features

    Lumen5 is an AI video editor designed to convert your articles and blog posts into engaging social videos. By simply inputting the link to your article or pasting the text, Lumen5 will automatically create media clips, titles and subtitles to accompany the story.

    The AI-powered platform also includes several design tools for customizing your video with a range of fonts, colors, transitions and effects. Lumen5 provides ready-made video templates, and allows you to add logos, music and voiceovers to make your videos even more captivating and personalized.

    To further streamline the process, Lumen5 comes with a library of free stock images, video clips and music tracks to help you create engaging videos quickly and easily. You can also use the platform’s advanced analytics feature to track the performance of your social media campaigns.


    • Free: contains Lumen5 watermark, 720p resolution
    • Basic: 19$ per/month
    • Starter: 59$ per/month
    • Professional: 149$ per/month
    • Enterprise: custom
    lumen5 ai video editing software pricing

    Key features:

    • Text to video automation
    • Talking head videos
    • Add logos, music and voiceovers
    • Library of royalty free images, video clips and music tracks
    • Advanced analytics feature to track the performance of social media campaigns.

    Tome AI: Presentation and Video Creation Tool

    tome ai creates presentation in seconds

    Tome AI is a powerful tool that enables users to create professional looking presentations and videos in minutes. Tome AI provides a library of free stock images, video clips and music tracks that can be added to the projects. This ensures that users have access to quality content without having to purchase additional materials.

    Tome AI also offers users the ability to add music and voiceovers to their presentations and videos for an even more professional look. Additionally, Tome AI integrates with popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing users to easily store and share their video content with others.


    • Free: 500 AI credits
    • Pro: $8 person/month
    • Enterprise: custom
    tome ai pricing

    Key features:

    • “ChatGPT presentation tool”

    • AI storytelling capabilities

    • Ability to add voiceovers and background music for professional videos and presentations

    • Integration with popular cloud storage services for easy saving and sharing of content.

    • Library of free, stock videos, images and music tracks

    • Seamless integration with Dropbox and Google Drive

    AI-powered video editing tools have significantly transformed the landscape of video creation, offering a wide range of capabilities that cater to the needs of casual users. Pictory, Adobe Sensei, Synthesia, Descript, Lumen5, Tome AI, and Muse AI are among the leading tools that have revolutionized the video editing process for non-professional users.

    One of the key advantages of these AI-powered tools is their ability to automate transcription and captioning. With Pictory, Lumen5 and Descript, for example, users can save valuable time by automatically transcribing audio content and generating accurate subtitles. This feature not only expedites the editing process but also enhances accessibility, allowing viewers with hearing impairments to enjoy videos with ease.

    Adobe Sensei, on the other hand, offers a wide range of intelligent features within the Adobe Suite that simplify video editing for casual users. Synthesia takes a unique approach by utilizing AI to create realistic avatars that can deliver scripted speeches, while Tome AI, the best ai video editor that facilitates the transformation of presentations into engaging videos. With its AI-powered capabilities, Tome AI simplifies the process of converting static slide decks into dynamic video content.

    However, it is important to note that AI-powered video editing tools are not without limitations. While they can automate certain tasks, they may still require human intervention and expertise to ensure the desired output. AI video editing tools may sometimes struggle with understanding complex contexts or making subjective decisions, which may require manual adjustments.

    Nevertheless, the advancements in AI technology have undeniably transformed the video editing landscape, making it more accessible, efficient, and creative. AI has really changed the game when it comes to video editing. It’s made things way easier, more efficient, and way more creative. You don’t need to be a pro anymore to create awesome videos thanks to AI. And the best part is, it’s only getting better!

    As AI technology keeps evolving, we can expect even more mind-blowing tools that take video editing to a whole new level. They’re gonna be super advanced and capable, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. It’s gonna be a game-changer for content creators, letting them bring their wildest ideas to life without breaking a sweat.

    Imagine being able to edit videos like a pro without spending hours and hours learning complex software. That’s what AI is bringing to the table. It’s all about making video editing accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills. So even if you’re just a casual user, you’ll be able to create stunning videos that impress your friends, family, or even your followers.

    And let’s not forget the fun side of AI-powered video editing. With AI, you can add cool effects, animations, and even create your own virtual presenters. It’s like having a bunch of awesome tools at your disposal to make your videos pop and stand out from the crowd.

    So get ready, because the future of video editing is here, and it’s all thanks to AI. It’s gonna be a wild ride, full of creativity and endless possibilities. So grab your camera, unleash your imagination, and let AI take your videos to the next level! To learn more about the latest software powered by AI, go ahead and check out the best ai project management tools, best ai copywriting tools, ai automation tools, and many others.